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Let me start off by saying I never know what to do with my hair. So I end up doing nothing to it and it just grows and grows. Seriously, it grows like a weed. And then about every four or five years or so, my hair gets so long that I get totally sick of it. I get tired of combing it out and taking care of it and end up wearing a ponytail every. single. day. That’s when I start thinking about cutting it super short and donating the length of it to an organization like Locks of Love or Wigs for Kids. I’ve done this so many times, I’ve lost count and now it’s time to start the process all over again.

long short


















                                        Yesterday p.m.

                  Yesterday a.m.

I didn’t show the front–I also got bangs! I like my short hair A LOT!! Maybe I’ll keep it short for a while before I start growing it out again! :-D







Flat Stanley Invades Our Home

Flat Stanley Invades Our Home

stan 1

Ever since Mason’s class read the book “Flat Stanley” in school, he has been obsessed with all things flat. Here is Mason with the Flat Stanley character he created. He’s very proud of him.

stan 2

One of their class assignments was to mail Stanley to someone out of state. Mason chose to send Stanley to Hammy and Happy in Washington. Only one other person in Mason’s class chose Washington. The class took a field trip to the post office to mail their Flat Stanleys off.

stan 3

Apparently, Flat Stanley has been having lots of fun with Hammy and Happy. They sent us this picture:

stan 5

Wow! That deer came right up to Flat Stanley! He must have held really still!

And the best part is Flat Stanley has a TON of other adventures so Mason is enjoying LOTS of reading!! :-D

stan 4

Valentine’s Day Recap

Valentine’s Day Recap


bug jars 1

These were the Valentine’s cards that I made for Mason’s class. I found the mason jar printable (get it–mason jar!!) on Pinterest and printed them on different colored cardstock, cut them out, inked the edges, and stamped “love” at the bottom. Mason wrote his name on all of them and I found the gummy bug candy at Oriental Trading and glued them on.

bug jars 2

card front

I was also inspired this Valentine’s Day to finally scrap this little mini book I had made on Snapfish when Mason was one. The mini book is really small–it’s about 3″x4″ and there is a clear pocket that it can slide in and out of. The page it’s on is small, too–about 5″x7″ but I have some 8″x8″ page protectors and it will fit o.k. in one of those.



val day

The book is titled “Mason’s Valentine Message” and inside are pictures I took of him with different words to spell out some sentences. The entire message reads: “Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you. Hugs and kisses from Mason. Feb. 2007. 14 months.”

I had sent them out to friends and relatives and they were a big hit. But now…six years later…

love notes

Here’s my boy at his Valentine’s Day photo shoot. I know he’s a seven year old boy but I just couldn’t help using pink, flowers, and hearts all over this layout. It’s okay because it’s for Valentine’s Day, right!? When I saw these teeny tiny little envelopes from Doodlebug, I just about melted into a little puddle. They are so cute I had to have them. I added a line of journaling on vellum and adhered it under the polka dot paper.

owen card

And for one last Valentine’s Day project, here’s the card baby Owen and I made for his parents. :-D






Static Hair

Static Hair

We always say that Mason has really great hair. And he does–it’s super thick and curly and we never have to comb it or do anything to it and it looks good.

One day, I was playing parachute with a blanket with Owen and there was so much static in the air that his fine hair was standing on end. Mason decided he wanted to try it but I didn’t think his hair would stand up because it’s so thick.

I was wrong.

static hair

I think he looks like a dandelion puff. :-D

Holiday Thank Yous

Holiday Thank Yous

star ty

Every year I try to come up with a creative way for Mason to say Thank you for his birthday and Christmas gifts. This has to be my favorite one yet! I had seen some ideas on Pinterest of thank you cards with Tom Hanks’ picture on them and they said “T. Hanks.” I thought they were hilarious but wanted Mason in the picture so I came up with the idea to use Tom Hanks’ star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Early in December, we were going to Hollywood anyways for Chris’ holiday Union party and we just took a short detour to get this pic.

bag ty

This one will be on the Christmas thank you cards this year. I think I used up all my creative energy on the birthday thank yous. If Mason owes you a thank you card–you have just received a sneaky peek!!

This is something I do every year. To see previous years’ thank you photos click HERE.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!








Since 2012 is over, I thought I would share my Basic Grey calendar from this past year. These pages are all 8×8 and all the photos are uncropped 4×6. I’m really disappointed that BG didn’t come out with a 2013 calendar because these are so quick and easy to make! The whole thing comes as a kit and tells you exactly where to place everything. There are some times that I want to make something but don’t feel especially creative so a kit like this is fun for me every now and then–of course, I did make several changes and added lots of extra elements (mainly gems and pearls.)

I just bought an 8×8 album (thanks for the g.c. Charlotte!) and put these pages in it after removing them from their spiral binding. The actual calendar part is printed on the backs of the pages and I wrote appointments, birthdays, school stuff, etc. on it so I also have the daily stuff from last year documented.

Hope you enjoyed my cute calendar! :-)