One Photo Layouts

One Photo Layouts

dino mite

Today I’m going to share three of my most recent one photo layouts. This first photo dominates the page as it is 12″x8″. I rarely use photos this big but I think it was necessary in this case in order to even see Chris and Mason. Plus, I also think the large size of the photo hints at the large size of the dinosaur in an abstract way (at least to me it does!).

dino close up

There they are! The metal frame around them is 1″x1″ and kind of blends in with the photo which is what I wanted. I definitely wanted to point them out but in a subtle way.


My next layout is from Groundhog Day. I found these free printables from Cathy Zielske and really wanted to use them. I haven’t been buying new scrap supplies so I’ve been taking advantage of free printables when I come across ones I like. Surprisingly (to myself, at least), I’m loving the brown and gray color scheme with the unexpected bit of yellow thrown in.

work of heart

My last one photo layout to share has a little baby photo of Mason. He’s so tiny and cute! Actually, the main reason I created this layout is to have somewhere to keep an essay I wrote. Back in 2007, Creating keepsakes magazine had a contest called Scrapbooker of the Year. Part of your entry, besides 10 of your best layouts, was to write an essay answering this question: “Scrapbooking is a personal hobby that has expanded to create a community and spur an industry. How does your scrapbooking affect your life, and where do you think the hobby will take you and the industry in the future?” My whole essay was about how having a baby has changed the way I scrapbook so it made sense to me to include it on a baby page. But where is this essay?

work of heart essay

Right here! I made a folder that opens up to reveal the essay.

Hope you enjoyed my recent one photo layouts! :-D

a-MAZE-ing Valentines

a-MAZE-ing Valentines


These are the Valentines that Mason passed out to his class this year. I LOVE that he wants me to make them instead of buy them. They were so easy to make! I got the mazes at Michaels and used glue dots to adhere them to matching patterned paper. I printed the message, inked the edges, and had Mason sign them all. I adhered it all to the box of conversation hearts (cuz ya hafta give out candy!) and tied a ribbon around each one. So cute!!


tp hearts

I also had Owen make a Valentine’s Day gift for his parents after I saw this idea on Pinterest. I took an empty toilet paper tube and bent it in to make it a heart shape and had Owen dip it in the paint and then on to the paper. So simple and so

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I tried to get a picture with his feet making the “V” in LOVE but he wouldn’t cooperate (he’s 2). I added in the poem and since it was about toes, I painted his toes and had him add them to the picture. I didn’t intend for it to look like a scrap page–I guess I just automatically think in 12″x12″ page sizes. :oops:

Two Layouts Squared

Two Layouts Squared

lucky stars

In an effort to use up my stash, I have not purchased any new scrap supplies so far this year. It’s driving me crazy!  :-P   But craziness aside, I am enjoying finally putting certain items to use. For example, the coasters on this layout were originally bound in a Chatterbox brag book I had bought at least five or six years ago. I took the book apart and since the pages were 4″x4″ I lined them up on a piece of 12″x12″ cardstock, added the photos and embellishments, stitched some of the holes together, and now it’s done!

I love the whole star theme and Mason and Owen are even both wearing Star Wars shirts!


This next layout uses some really old blue and brown paper that I had cut into squares and had intended to use for a different project. The squares were all together in a ziploc baggie and I have no idea what I was planning on using them for! But I’m happy with how this layout turned out. I did one of my favorite techniques of mixing letter sticker fonts and of course that picture is hilarious!

Hope you enjoyed my layouts and remember–it’s hip to be square, even if you’re using really old scrap supplies! :lol:

St. Patrick’s Day Parade of Pages

St. Patrick’s Day Parade of Pages


Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and we celebrated with rainbow pancakes for breakfast. They were a huge hit with Mason, unlike last year, when he was not impressed with his bowl of Lucky Charms marshmallows. Sometimes I don’t get this kid–I mean, who likes the actual Lucky Charms cereal? I would have loved to pour a bowl full as a kid and have only marshmallows come out of the box.


Anyway, I’m never going to pick all the marshmallows out of Lucky Charms for that kid again! But rainbow pancakes may become a new tradition. And speaking of rainbows, that is one of the main reasons I love to create St. Pat’s layouts. It’s not often I can decorate my boy’s pages with rainbows! Here are some of my favorites:

spd 07

2007 (photo year, layout is more recent)


spd 08



spd 09


MM BigBook 7

also 2009

spd 10


pinch proof


spd 12


spd 13



Also 2013. This is one of my favorite layouts. The stripey background was made by lining up almost an entire package of SEI border strips. I know it looks like a simple layout but the picture doesn’t show the great texture the border strips add. Believe me, it’s much more interesting to look at in person.

green close up

Hope you enjoyed my St. Patrick’s Day parade of pages! :mrgreen:

Lots of Purple

Lots of Purple

09 june basic sketch

despicable you

This is the new free sketch from Allison Davis and my interpretation of it. I followed the sketch closely until I got to the small photos and journaling towards the bottom of the layout and decided I would rather have them lined up instead of tilted..

I know lots of scrappers hate using purple. I don’t avoid the color on purpose, but it is one of the colors I use the least (the most neglected color for me would be pink which is sad because pink is my favorite color. But that’s what happens when you scrap boy layouts all the time.) When Mason decided to be an evil minion from the movie “Despicable Me 2″ for Halloween, I knew I was going to embrace the purple and make it the dominant color of my layout. I have to say I love how it turned out! The Doodlebug patterned paper and tags worked perfectly and the little touches of orange and green along with the purple and black definitely scream Halloween.

despicable close up


Be sure to check out Allison Davis’ blog here, and grab this free sketch for yourself here.

Lots of Excitement!

Lots of Excitement!


Check out the sneak peek of the newest idea book from Creating Keepsakes, “The Scrapbooker’s Handbook” here. When you get to the “Color” section, you might just recognize the cute little guy in the monochromatic ombre layout!! Yup, that’s right–I

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have a layout in this upcoming publication!!

This same layout was featured on the Creating Keepsakes blog today! You can read about it here. I guess since you can already see the layout in various places, it would be o.k. for me to share it here on my blog—so have a look:

you shine

Can you tell I’m really excited about this book?! (Make sure you get a copy for yourself ;-) )